About our company

We are a proud member of the Eday Housing group, established in the year 2000 and based in the heart of the Jordaan area in the city of Amsterdam. The Eday Housing group provides long term housing solutions to expats in Amsterdam and its surroundings. The main website, www.eday.nl focuses mainly on expats with a housing budget of between 1250 and 3000 Euro’s a month in rent.

Due to a substantial increase in applications for high-end properties, and the explicit need of a website containing only luxurious apartments and houses, we launched the website you are currently on. Here we offer an up to date listing of high-end Amsterdam properties, extending to a radius of 50 kilometers around the city. Apartments, detached houses, mansions, villa’s, penthouses and even castles and super private retreats.

Our client base consists of corporate professionals, embassy staff, big thinkers and leaders, people from the entertainment industry and other fortunate entrepreneurs or employees. Our agents are completely at your disposal and maintain a high service level and utmost respect towards you as a customer. We are consistent, we are always on time and we have what it takes to be polite, helpful and understanding. We meet expectations and we have proven to be a reliable housing partner.

Feel free to browse our properties, or fill out our search form here. We’d love to hear from you and welcome you as a valued customer.

Richard Oerlemans
General manager

Eday Housing group
Willemsstraat 20
1015JD Amsterdam
+3120 423 62 90